Analog Sanitary Gauges

LSPG Standard Features

 • Lumenite® Sanitary Gauges conform to all 3A sanitary pressure gauge standards with ANSI grade “A” accuracy

• 304 stainless steel gauge with welded tube and socket

• 4” standard case size

• ± 1% full scale calibrated accuracy

• 100% helium leak tested

• Electropolished 316 s.s. diaphragm

• Available in 1.5 or 2” Tri-Clamp Connection

• Our pressure gauges are 100% Helium leak tested

• 304 s.s. housing

• Ambient temperature range up to 300˚F standard•

• 100% hand calibrated and certified to exceed the current ASME B40.1 pressure gauge publication

• 90mm standard case

• Calibrated Accuracy = 1.5% f.s. for ranges 100 p.s.i. or more

• All gauges designed for CIP clean in place. Dry gauges suitable for autoclave sterilization

• All gauges designed to withstand 50% overpressure error with

minimal loss of accuracy

• 100% filled with Dow chemical, high purity glycerin

• Pharmaceutical grade OPTIM filled, optional

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Certified & Approved : 3A, TPV, USDA

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