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Control Technology

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Capacitance : provides a

continuous level reading and

4-20 mA output.  It works with all

liquids both conductive and

non-conductive and can sense

anything from acids to oil.  Our

capacitance will also work on

moist granular solids.

Probes And Jacks : come in both

sanitary and industrial configurations

and are for use with conductivity

level sensors.

      Lumenite® is pleased to be the

United States national distributor of

theben iming controls.  We offer

weekly and yearly digital timing

controls that are cULus and CE listed.

They all sport a 10 year Li-On battery,

easy to use text oriented programming

and din-rail mount.  Multiple units can

be easily programmed with the Obeilisk

flash memory card and programming

software.  Some applications include

home and office lighting,  outdoor

on / off awitching and generator jogging

for in hospitals,  businesses and

municipal buildings.

        The MTC-4000 is our 4th generation milk

pasteurization test kit.  It provides a simple yet efficient

method of measuring the short time, pasteurization

holding period required by the U.S. public health code.

This code states that every particle of milk or product be

heated to 160˚F for a minimum of 15 seconds.

The MTC-4000 measures this short time pasteurization

period to 1/100th of a second accuracy.

Conductivity Level

Digital Timing Control

Weekly Timers

Yearly Timers

Milk Pasteurization

H.T.S.T. Test System

Pressure Measurement

Sanitary Gauges

Sanitary Transmitters

        The LSTT-4220 is Lumenite®'s

stand alone continuous temperature

transmitter.  It is available in every type

sanitary & industrial tank connection,

utilizes a 3-wire RTD sensor,  comes in

a Nema 4x water-proof,  corrosion

resistant 304 s.s. housing.  Standard

temperature ranges are

-328˚F to 1562˚F.

Temperature Measurement

        Since 1938,  Lumenite® has provided liquid level control,  pressure measurement,  temperature

measurement,  timing control and milk pasteurization h.t.s.t. test systems.  As a family owned business,  the dedication we have to our company is as strong as our commitment to yours.  Lumenite®,  along with our qualified distributors and sales representatives,  dedicate our energy and talent to achieve our primary goal . . . The Total Satisfaction Of Every Customer.

Conductivity : provides on / off

switching at set levels in a tank.

It works with all conductive liquids

like beer,  milk,  acids,  etc.  and

can also be upgraded to sense

R.O. water and deionized water.

Capacitance Transmitter

Probes And Jacks

More Information

        All have a 316s.s. diaphragm which makes them

perfect for the food & dairy and pharmaceutical

industries.   LSPG sanitary analog pressure gauges,

LSDPG sanitary digital pressure gauges and

LSPT sanitary pressure transmitters conform to

3A standard 37-01 and 3rd party verified.