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Control Technology, Inc.

        MLST and MLXT - 4220 Capacitance Level Transmitters are

for sanitary and industrial level transmitter applications.  They

provide a continuous 4-20mA,  20-amA,  1-5VDC or 5-1VDC analog

output proportional to the material level in any shaped tank.  They

can be used for conductive, non-conductive liquids and moist

granular solids. 


Shown Left : 

MLST-4220-C2"  Continuous Capacitance Level Transmitter with

sanitary 304 s.s. housing w/2" tri-clamp connection

Shown Right : 

MLXT-4220-F4" Continuous Capacitance Level Transmitter with

industrial housing w/4" 304 s.s. flange connection 


        MLST and MLXT TEMP 4220’s are Lumenite®’s

combination level / temperature transmitters for sanitary and

industrial applications.  In addition to having all of the standard

specifications,  they provide 2 separate 4-20mA outputs

measuring level and temperature with one probe and one tank

connection.  Temperature ranges from -100˚ to 1,000˚F.

We also offer optional accessories

such as relay boards, (on/off switching),

304 s.s. / polycarbonate housings for

remote mounted electronics,

28VDC loop power supplies  and

LCD backlit meters.