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Lumenite® Timeline 1934-2017



George V. Calabrese

graduates Lane Tech High

School and then Armour

Institute of Technology

(later IIT) in 1929, Chicago, IL

This young electrical

engineer begins sketching

circuits for level controls,

timing controls and photo-

electric relays.


The company incorporates under the name

Lumenite® Electronic Company and sets up

shop on the 8th floor of “The Old Colony Building”

at 407 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL.  This will be

Lumenite®’s home until 1969.


In March of 1969, Lumenite® relocated to it’s current facility in Franklin Park, IL.  Mr. Ronald V. Calabrese

assumed control of the company and continued to expand the product line with pressure measurement,

temperature measurement and milk pasteurization test equipment.

Over the years Lumenite® has grown,  not only because of award winning customer service but because of

extensive research and development,  cutting edge - quality products and cost effective pricing.

As a family run organization for  80

years,  the loyalty to our own company is as strong as our dedication to yours.


We are committed,  along with out

qualified distributors, representatives

and sales personnel,  to achieving our

ultimate goal . . . 


The Complete Satisfaction Of

EVERY Customer. 


Thank you for taking the time to

read a little about us!


Now let’s take a look at the future,


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