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Control Technology, Inc.

LSDPG Sanitary Digital Pressure Gauges are 3A listed and CEE third party verified.

They replace both a pressure gauge and a 4-20mA continuous pressure transmitter (optional). 

Pressure ranges from 30-1,000psi and vacuums from -15, -30 and -60psi.  CLICK HERE

MLST/MLXT-4220 RF Capacitance Level Controls provide a continuous 4-20mA

output.  The on-board display reads percentage of tank filled.  This unit is ideal for use with

any liquid or granular material.  Can be used with external relay boards, PLC's, data loggers

or any equipment that accepts a 4-20mA signal.  CLICK HERE

Industrialeveline™ Conductivity Level Controls  are designed to be stand alone

although they can be integrated into control systems.  This type of conductivity level control is highly 

customizable and can handle 100's of different operations.  These Build-To-Suit controls can be mounted in NEMA 1, 4, 4X & 7 type polycarbonate or 304 s.s. housings.  For use in single or

multi-level control applications in conductive liquids.  CLICK HERE

LSTT-4220 Temperature Transmitters for sanitary & industrial applications

provide a 4-20mA  continuous temperature output.  They are 3A listed and CEE,

third party verified.  The LSTT comes programmed to your temperature

specifications in a nema 4x waterproof, corrosion resistant housing. 

LTW Series THERMOWELLS can be purchased separately or used in conjunction

with the LSTT-4220.  CLICK HERE

Probe & Jack assemblies come with SANITARY and INDUSTRIAL connections and are for use with

conductivity level controls.  CLICK HERE

Paneleveline™ Conductivity Level Controls are designed for contractors

and panel builders to be integrated into control systems.  They can also be used as

stand alone controls should the application call for it. Mounting methods include 

octal socket, din-rail or 3" snap-track.  For use in single or multi-level control applications

in conductive liquids.  CLICK HERE

LSPG Sanitary Analog Pressure Gauges conform to ALL 3A sanitary standards with ANSI grade "A" accuracy.  Pressure ranges from 15-1,000psi.  1.5 or 2" ti-clamp connection is standard.  CLICK HERE

LSPT Sanitary Continuous Pressure Transmitters are designed

specifically for the food and pharmaceutical industries.  They meet ALL 3A,

USDA and 3rd party testing/evaluation criteria.  4-20mA continuous

output and 1.5 - 2” tri-clamp connection is standard.  CLICK HERE

theben Digital Timing Controls can be used for a while range of applications including generator control, office lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.  Weekly, yearly and astronomical time

switches.  Computer programmable flash memory cards for programming multiple units.


MTC-4000 (h.t.s.t.) Milk Pasteurization Test Kits measure the critical short time

holding period required by the U.S public health code.  This code states that every particle of

milk be heated to at least 160˚F and held at that temperature for a minimum of 15 seconds.